ørrebro is an adventure in itself, and Dupong was designed and opened to continue the tradition of exciting nightlife in Copenhagen's most colorful neighborhood. Placed in the upcoming area of Griffenfeldsgade and Rantzausgade, Dupong is Copenhagen's first table tennis bar. What opened in 2012 as a small project quickly became an institution in Copenhagen and a unique place where many people every weekend join in, play "round-the-table" and meet new people. Being the only table tennis bar in Copenhagen, Dupong is a locals bar, where friends from afar mingle with regulars to enjoy something a little bit different. 


At Dupong, we celebrate table tennis by offering a vast beer selection, great cocktails, and music to get your bat and butt moving.  Dupong is both a place to go and have fun with friends as well as a place to meet strangers.  

If you are not up for playing ping pong, you can watch the sweaty players from a stand, or you can go downstairs and enjoy a cold drink with your friends. 


After more than five years in existence, Dupong still remains one of the most original venues in Copenhagen. Why? Because Nørrebro's spirit and decadence are imbued in the walls of the bar.

We look forward to seeing you soon for a great night out!

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